First Experience Programs

You don´t need to be a proficient swimmer or a water lover to participate in our first experience programs. Come & joint, you won´t regret it.

Entry Level Courses

Any SSI Certifications offer a worlwide recognition & are the favorite one in the diving industry.


Diving Specialities

To joint up the Specialities courses, you need to be an Open Water Diver (ISO24801-2) or Equivalent.

Ecological & Non Diving Specialities

Your education doesn´t have to end with diving specialities, our non diving specialities increase your understanding about ecology, physics, physiology & chemistry related to the fantastic underwater world that we have all around the Earth.

Extended Range (XR) Programs

If you beleive that the journey is just as important as the destination, then the XR programs are for you,they are exciting and limitless and it is your chance to go beyond the recreational diving limits.

Professional Courses

To Enrol in any professional diving courses, you will need to possess a full set of diving gears as required by SSI professional standards.