Instructor Development course

The Instructor Development Course or I.D.C. will show candidates how to implement and apply the SSI system in Class Room, Confined Water and Open Water Conditions. First and foremost, the applicant learns to be confident at providing professional training in a Fun and Safe way for all involved in diving courses.

The IDC will be conducted in a minimum of 7 days to allow our candidates to gain the maximum amount of training and professional guidance in their personal development towards becoming a SSI Instructor.
All IDC begin with independent study and preparation at home. In order to gain the maximum from the IDC applicants are expected to complete all knowledge reviews from the Instructor Development Course Candidate Workbook.

To qualify for training as a SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you must…

  1. Be certified as a SSI Divemaster or SSI Assistant Instructor or have the equivalent training with another Diving Federation for at least 6 months
  2. Be at Least 18 years old
  3. Be a certified diver for at least 6 months
  4. Have 60 Validated Logged dives that include experience in Night, Deep and Navigation to participate in the I.D.C. (you will need 100 Logged dives to take the Instructor Examination
  5. Have proof of C.P.R. and First Aid Training within the last 24 months
  6. Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement signed by a Physician within the last 12 months

*to be owned by the candidate and up to date, according to SSI Standards.
• SSI Instructor Manual
• Instructor Candidate Workbook
• SSI Open Water Diver manual
• SSI Adventure in Diving manual
• SSI Rescue Diver manual
• SSI Divemaster manual
• Divemaster Slates
• Open Water, Confined Water, Adventure in Diving, Rescue Diver and Discover Scuba Diving Aquatic Cue Cards (Instructor Slates)
• Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Instructor Outline
• Project AWARE Speciality Instructor Outline
• AWARE-Coral Reef Conservation Speciality Instructor Outline
• Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate
• Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning Slate
• Diving Knowledge Workbook
• Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
• R.D.P.-All three versions

• Pocket Mask
• Medical Examination (max. 12 months old)
• C.P.R. and first aid training (max. 24 months old)
• Diving Logbook with minimum 100 validated dives
• 2 Passport size Photographs
• Pocket Calculator (mobile phones are NOT allowed in the IE
• Personal Diving Gears (ref. Instructor Manual)

*please contact us to discuss what you already have so that we can assist you with the remaining materials.

After becoming an O.W.S.I. (Open Water Scuba Instructor), you will be able to conduct the entire range of SSI Programs from Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster, you will be able to find a Diving Industry job position in about 87000 Dive Centers or Dive Resorts World Wide.

*You may also choose to acquire the Speciality Instructor Rating in areas of interest such as Deep Diver Instructor, Night Diver Instructor, Enriched Air Diver Instructor, Wreck Diver Instructor, etcetera…

1. Complete all Knowledge Reviews in the I.D.C. Candidate Workbook before the course starts
2. Review the Diving Knowledge Workbook and The Encyclopedia for theory preparation
3. Complete the theory exams in the Candidate Workbook

1. Practice the 800 meters snorkeling wearing Swimsuit, Mask, Snorkel and Fins
2. Practice all SSI Open Water Diver Course Skills to a demonstration quality

*If You Didn’t practice your skills for a while, we urge you to contact us to arrange attendance of a full Skills Circuit Session with one of our Instructor.

1. Obtain all required materials (we can order it and send it to you if required)
2. Obtain all required diving equipment (special discount applied for enlisted pre-paid applicant)
3. Ensure you meet all the pre-requisites for the I.D.C.

The I.E. is a 2 days evaluative program that test the Instructor Candidates Teaching Abilities, Dive Theory Knowledge, Water Skills Level and the Understanding of the SSI System, Philosophy and Professionalism.

*SSI I.E. are standard evaluation that are conducted by Instructor Examiners from the SSI International Offices.

  1. Score 75% or higher on all 5 sections of the Dive Theory Exams. Only one make-up on one of the sections is allowed
  2. Score 75% or higher on the Systems Standards and Procedures Exam. No make-up is allowed
  3. Score 3,5 on 5 or higher on an assigned Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation. One make-up presentation is allowed
  4. Score 3,4 on 5 or higher on an Assigned Confined Water Teaching Presentation. One make-up presentation is allowed
  5. Score an Average of 3,5 on 5 on 2 Assigned Open Water Teaching Presentations. No make-up is allowed
  6. Demonstrate Competence in the Rescue of a Simulated Scuba Diver Victim. Pass or Fail
  7. Score 3 on 5 or higher on 5 skills Demonstrations. Score a minimum of 17 on 20 when adding the scores of the previous skills. One make-up of all 5 skills is allowed only if one skill demonstration score less than 3,0
  8. Demonstrate Professional Aptitude, Attitude and Actions during all phases of the I.E.

How Much?

*we highly recommend that you choose a package including the E learning material has it will ease nicely the academic part of the IDC.

With the Full Standard IDC and IDC Deluxe Packages you will need to add

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