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Is Your Scuba Gear Ready To Dive?

Is Your Scuba Gear Ready to Dive?


Just as your car requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning properly, you’ll want to keep up to date on servicing your scuba gear as well – especially if you haven’t been diving with it in a while. As you already know, diving gear is not cheap. So protect your investment by taking proper care and prolonging the life of your gear. Regular maintenance also ensures your gear remains safe to use on each dive.
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How To Make Your Air Last While Scuba Diving

For many divers, available air dictates the length of the dive more than any other factor. Now is the time to learn how make your air last longer for longer dives.


Your dive ends when your bottom time runs out — at least theoretically. For many divers, though, the dive ends when one or more divers run low on air. The easiest way for many of us to extend our dives is to focus on air consumption. These tips will help you get the most out of your tank.
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10 Tips For Better Buoancy

As divers who have perfected their buoyancy know, finally getting it right is a watershed moment that opens the door to true freedom underwater.


Good buoyancy is the key to getting the most out of your underwater experiences, from protecting the underwater environment and maximizing efficiency and air consumption, to taking good quality photos and video. Most importantly, good buoyancy control is essential to diver safety.
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Movie Myths Busted

Scuba Diving has been featured on film since the invention of the sport, but not always correctly depicted.


Scuba diving’s aura of daring and adventure, as well as its frequency in exotic locations, has made the sport a favorite of moviemakers for decades. Films such as “The Deep” and “Thunderball” have brought diving to the movie-going public, but just because an actor drops to depth doesn’t make a movie’s depiction of scuba diving accurate. Follow along while we test three of the most common Tinseltown tricks when it comes to scuba. 
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